25 Apr

The 5 Benefits of CHIP Reverse Mortgages


Posted by: Jenni MacDonald

One  product.  Many  benefits.  CHIP Reverse Mortgage by HomEquity Bank.

Designed  to  fit  into  any  financial  plan,  the  CHIP  Reverse  Mortgage  offers  many  benefits and  opportunities  that  make  it the  right  solution  for  so many  older  Canadians  so  they  can  live  the  lifestyle  they’ve  worked  so  hard  for.

1.  Maintain complete ownership of your home.

2.  No  regular  monthly  mortgage  payments if you choose not to.

3.  Tax-free cash

4.  Access to up to 55% of the equity of your home

5.  No medical checks are required.

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