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24 Sep

Cornwall, a hub for travellers!


Posted by: Jenni MacDonald


Why Do We Love Cornwall, Ontario?

A local Century 21 Real Estate Agent, Mike VanderMeer, and I have compiled a list of the reasons we love Cornwall, Ontario.  We’ve compiled 21 reasons, which we will share with you, one at a time.  We would love to hear the reasons you love to live here too!

REASON #15 – Travel

If you do a lot of travelling for business or pleasure, Cornwall is a great place to be.  We are located within one hour from two major airports offering flights all over the world.  For those who often travel to the United States, there is a commuter airport in Ogdensburg offering cheaper flights to American destinations.  There is also the Cornwall Regional Airport for recreational flying as well as smaller private airports scattered throughout the 3 United Counties of SD&G.  We are also a stop on the VIA railway line that connects Montreal with Toronto.  Taxis and a local bus system make getting around the City easy and convenient as well.

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