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16 Oct

Cornwall Pizza, Poutine and more!


Posted by: Jenni MacDonald


Why Do We Love Cornwall, Ontario?

A local Century 21 Real Estate Agent, Mike VanderMeer, and I have compiled a list of the reasons we love Cornwall, Ontario.  We’ve compiled 21 reasons, which we will share with you, one at a time.  We would love to hear the reasons you love to live here too!

REASON #17 – Pizza, Poutine, Curds & Perch Rolls

Cornwall is reputed to have the best pizza in the Country. If you haven’t had an authentic Cornwall Pizza, try one of the below locations.

  • Riverside
  • North End
  • King George
  • Louis
  • Olympic
  • Cornwall BBQ
  • Napoleons

Most residents of the area have a preference on where they get their pizza from.  There are plenty of others to choose from as well.  You can get a full list of available pizza restaurants on Trip Advisor.  Click here for a direct link 📲 CORNWALL PIZZA LOCATIONS.  Some people have been known to actually buy half-cooked pizzas and bring them home after visiting Cornwall.

Our Poutine is also 2nd to none and is often made with St Alberts Cheese curds – which is another Cornwall & area treat. Again, we have specific “hot spots” for poutines, but it all comes down to preference.  Here is a list of some locations to add to your list if you’re looking for a great Poutine.

  • Seguin Patate
  • Chef in a Bun Franks & Burgers
  • Loose Caboose
  • Gaetan’s Chip Stand
  • Billy K’s

All of the pizzerias more than likely will serve a Poutine as well.  Some use traditional Cheese Curds, others use Mozzarella Cheese.

And let’s not forget the world-famous Lancaster Perch Rolls which are only available around Cornwall and area.

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